This is What You Can’t Do For Me Honey

What do you do when your very excitable wife has fallen for another psychic guru who she met at the beach today?
Well, since you you never did anything about all the others, you probably won’t do anything about this one.

You will watch, if she lets you  and maybe you can take some  videos for her to enjoy later but you won’t try to stop her and when he blows his ten day load into your wife’s willing mouth you will see and hear it all. Listening to the sounds that he makes as his hot semen leaks out of her mouth and drips down her chin and onto her breasts.
This girl is so hot that you would do anything to make her happy even sucking on his cock or  licking her clean when he is done with her. If that is what she wants you to do.
Just remember, if you don’t believe you’re a sissy while she makes you suck on that big black cock, then you’re not!

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this is what you cant do

Cameron Love – After a Hard Workout

Pumping iron is one of camaron’s favorites things to do. But pumping a big hard cock is something that she loves even more.
After a hard workout at the gym, Cameron just wants to bring home a hard-bodied, muscle-bound fuck machine to fill her tight pussy with his big cock. If her hubby comes home and finds them, well, the more the merrier, right? After all, hubby needs his man-milk if he’s going to grow up to be a proper sissy!

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Marlena Forces Husband to Suck His Buddy

When Marlena's husband Felix said he thought he saw a blowjob in his future, he had no idea she'd be forcing be forcing him to deliver one his buddy! Marlena wanted Felix to give her some tips on the better blowjob, and what better way to learn than by example. When it comes to mouths-on training, Marlena seems to be an A+ student!

Andy San Dimas in Forced Bi Cuckold Husband

Andy San Dimas is one beautiful tattooed woman and she is as horny as a herd of goats but she expects a lot from her new husband.
Her husband wants to please his new wife even if it means watching her fuck a stranger on their wedding night and as if that weren’t enough to ruin his night, He finds out the she expects to watch him suck on a hard cock too.
At first he tries to act like he didn’t want to do such a thing. But what do you know? He turns out to be quite a good cocksucker after all.
If Andy was your wife, you’d do whatever it takes to make her happy, right?

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Madison Ivy – Forced Bi Sissy Husband

Imagine the surprise on the face of Madison’s horn-dog husband as she lowered that beautiful shaved pussy down on another man’s cock.

He wasn’t surprised at finding her with another man; the whole idea of more bodies in the bedroom had been his after all. The surprise came when he realized how hot it made him to see that bald little beaver being penetrated by another man’s missile.

Even more surprising to him was the fact that he complied with her simple request: let me know what that cock tastes like to you, she said. He may have hesitated, but once it was in his mouth there was no turning back!

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Madison Ivy - Forced Bi Husband